The Quest to Visit All the Cat Cafes

Hi! I'm Jess, and for the duration of this blog I'll be studying in Japan, at Meiji Daigaku in Tokyo!

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Beautiful sunset in Tokyo today

Tiny bunny!

Rabbit Cafe, Shimokitazawa

Yoyogi Koen代々木公園

Lots has happened since my last update!  As expected, everything got a lot busier pretty much as soon as all the new people got here.  I’ve met a fair few of them, and they all seem really lovely so far!  The flat is active again, which feels nice compared to the dull and boring state it had been during the holidays.  I’ve been doing loads, like going and eating out with friends atizakaya(Japanese version of pubs… sort of…. where you can order loads of food and drink and be generally sociable), and also seeing lots of people from Manchester and having parties in my dorm, which has been pretty nice!

Also, cherry blossom season has started!  What this essentially means is that flowers bloom on trees, whereupon tourists and Japanese natives alike flock in drones to local parks to sit under the trees and both have picnics and drink masses of alcohol.  It’s very pretty, just a little overwhelming.  I went today, and as we were walking down the steps into the park there was this smell of alcohol wafting up.  And, of course, masses of cherry blossom trees!  We were sitting right by the lake, which was really nice.  The highlight of the day, though, was renting a boat along the lake, right under all the trees.  (And also buying these pastries in the shake of a fish calledtaiyaki… they were really good.)

I’m going to more hanami (what they call cherry blossom viewing sessions) in the next few days, so expect more photos!

Me and a flatmate went to Tokyo International Anime Fair in Odaiba!  There were lots of strange/cute things… here are some of them.

Takarazuka Theatre, Yuurakucho, Tokyo